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You have a child but have never been married. Are the laws that apply to custody, parenting time and child support different for you? No, but you need to establish paternity. A person may wish to voluntarily acknowledge paternity by signing the birth certificates of the children or by signing a notarized or witnessed statement which acknowledges paternity. In the case where voluntary paternity is not established, a DNA test can be ordered. Once it is determined who the biological father is the court can move forward to establish custody, parenting time and child support. Some clients may just want to petition the court to establish paternity and child support.

Q: My girlfriend and I just had a baby but now she and her family are telling me I have no rights to the child, is that right?

A: When a child is born out of wedlock, the father has no rights until paternity is established.

Q: In addition to child support, are there other expenses that the court will consider?

A: In a paternity action, the court shall direct the amount either parent shall pay for the actual costs of the pregnancy, childbirth and any genetic testing and other related costs.

Q: Paternity and the amount of child support was established, do I need to worry about custody?

A: Unless otherwise ordered by the court, the parent with whom the child has resided for the greater part of the last six months shall have legal custody.

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