How to Talk to Children About Divorce

Parents usually have a hard time navigating divorce, especially when it comes to breaking the news to their children. Using thoughtful words, reassuring them, and taking positive action can make the conservations a little easier. Here’s how one can talk to kids about divorce.

Provide Simple Explanations

Less is more when talking about divorce with children. Communication should remain straightforward and factual. The intricate details of the whole situation may be too much for the child to handle. Teenagers, however, usually prefer more information and may ask what divorce means for their lives. Having calm, open conversations can help children at any age take the news about the separation a little better. Set the record straight and help them know that the divorce is not their fault.


Avoid Blaming

While remaining honest with the children, it’s crucial to present a united front throughout the conversation. Try to avoid blaming even when hurtful events contributed to the divorce. The kids may easily blame themselves for an unfortunate situation, so both parents must stick to an agreeable reason for separation and divorce. Planning conversations with children early on can help both spouses adhere to the same story. Be respectful of each other and show restraint before the kids to help establish a positive atmosphere.


Let the Child Share Their Feelings

Listening patiently to the child’s concerns and questions can help provide them peace of mind once the divorce process comes to an end. Parents can provide numerous opportunities for children to express their feelings and ask questions. The kids may also need reassurance and comfort throughout this difficult time. Parents should also consider their children’s maturity and tailor divorce conversations around those circumstances.


Use Actions to Reflect Words

Spending lots of quality time with the children can help them understand that the divorce is not their fault. From cooking, reading, and playing together, kids sometimes need to be reassured that they can still count on their parents. Kids also tend to feel secure when their usual routines remain in place. Younger children especially need extra affection and consistency in expectations and rules.


Assure Children of Their Safety

Many children become concerned about how their daily lives will change in the long run. While they may not express all their worries, many children wonder if they have to change schools, move, or if they’ll still receive the same amount of love and affection from their parents. Prepare the children for days ahead and let them know what will change. While minimizing disruptions to their lives can help, understand that children take time to adapt to changing situations. Ease them into their new lives and help them find healthy coping strategies.


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