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Each state has its own method of handling custody disputes. Our team at Pintel Law Firm PLLC can provide you with legal insight and guidance if you’re dealing with a child custody case in Arizona.


Filing for Custody of a Child

The process of filing for custody includes several essential steps. The first step is determining if you have already legally established paternity. If your name appears on your child’s birth certificate or if you signed an Affidavit of Paternity at a hospital, then the answer is yes. The next step is to fill out the Petition to Establish Legal Decision-Making, Parenting Time, and Child Support. However, if you have not already established paternity, you can do so through the court by filling out a Petition to Establish Paternity as well as Legal-decision Making, Parenting Time, and Child Support. Once you’ve completed these documents, you can then attempt to legally serve the other party by certified mail or hire someone to serve them on your behalf. If you are unsuccessful, you may be allowed to use other methods, such as publishing a legal notice in the local newspaper. After serving the papers, you will then be asked to take a parenting class. Next, you will have to wait for a response from the other party. If he or she is served in Arizona, they will have 20 days to respond. If they are served in another state, they will have 30 days to respond.


Types of Child Custody in Arizona

Sole custody, joint custody, and in loco parentis are the three basic types of child custody. When a parent has sole custody, they are responsible for the child’s health and well-being. They also have the right and responsibility to make major decisions on behalf of the child. Joint custody allows both parents to share these rights and responsibilities equally. In loco parentis refers to a person who has taken on a parental role but is not the child’s biological parent. They will have to show the court that they are the adult in the child’s life who is most fit to be their legal guardian. If you’re dealing with custody issues, you can trust Pintel Law Firm PLLC to help you with your case. Our firm focuses solely on family law and has years of experience handling complex cases. To schedule a free consultation, call (480) 771-4154 or complete our contact form. Se Habla Espanol.